Top 5 Techniques to Vacuum More Dirt from Your Carpets

Top 5 Techniques to Vacuum More Dirt from Your Carpets

House cleaning is a regular task for every household. Because of this, you should know the tips and techniques to help you do the cleaning faster and easier.

But there are various types of floors like hardwood, carpets, tile, etc. The carpeted floor is always not easy to clean up especially if you have pets at home. So choosing a suitable cleaning tool for the type of floors is critical to ensure your floors are always clean.

This article will reveal the tips and techniques to clean the carpets effectively.

Tip 1: Choose a Suitable Cleaner

The first one of the top five techniques to vacuum more dirt from your carpets is the selection of the vacuum or carpets cleaner itself. Vacuum cleaners should be bought considering individual requirements which of course depend on the kind of interior you have in your home.

Hard floors require a certain kind of vacuum and attachments while carpeted and rugged floors require a different kind of vacuum. Having bought the vacuum it is necessary to keep it well maintained.

The points to remember in the upkeep of a vacuum cleaner are that the brushes should be cleaned and changed if they are worn out; all bent and sharp edges that might have developed on the vacuum head should be removed for they may harm the carpet; belts should be changed on time and a spare kept as a standby; the vacuum bag should be changed when it indicates half full thus the suction of the vacuum cleaner stays at the optimum.

The selection of the vacuum cleaner should be such that it has adjustable brushes which rotate and pry out dirt particles. The bag should be of a high filtering quality so that none of the dirt leaks back into the room atmosphere.

Tip 2: Cleaning Frequency

The second technique to get more carpets dirt is that vacuuming should be done more frequently on areas that have the maximum traffic. The idea is to lift off soil and dirt before it gets compressed deeply into the pile by the feet of people walking on the carpet. Modern carpets have special fibres which reflect light. This makes it even more important to get the loose soil out as soon as possible otherwise the carpet begins to look dull. The vacuum cleaners should be moved slowly forward a few feet in the direction of the pile and then pulled back. This movement should be repeated till all the loose and embedded soil is taken out. The carpet will regain its original colour and sheen.

Tip 3: Cleaning in Slow Pace

The third of the top five techniques to vacuum more dirt from your carpets is to go slow. The slow movement allows the vacuum cleaner to uplift embedded dirt. It is better to make the backward movement of the vacuum slower than the forward movement. Vacuums clean better on the backward movement.

Tip 4: Clean with Different Direction

The fourth technique is to redo the same surface from a different direction which is ninety degrees to the original sweep. This will definitely lift up the pile of the carpet and also retrieve any stubborn pieces of soil that might still remain embedded in the carpet.

Tip 5: Systematic Planning

The fifth technique to vacuum more dirt from your carpets is to have a systematic plan of vacuuming. A path should be made over the carpet in such a manner that you do not step on the cleaned area. This is made possible by working from the end farthest from the door and then working gradually towards the door in a forward, backward, forward movement. These five techniques will definitely bring out the original colours and shine of the carpet.


Those are the 5 techniques to help you better clean the carpets. If you follow the tips shared in this article, we believe that you can clean the carpet floors faster. If you having problem finding the best vacuum for your cleaning needs (on any floors), you are welcome to visit the vacuum review site at

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