How to Enjoy Yankee Candle Burning Correctly

You light up your favorite candle, plunge into a meditative relaxation for fifteen or twenty minutes and blow it out with a gratifying feeling that your duty has been accomplished.

Two mistakes in one, just a combo! You cannot do this if you want your beloved candle to serve you for a long time. Let’s find out how to handle Yankee candles in order to get the most out of their soft glow and enchanting aroma.

Watch the Wick Length

One of the best things you can do to properly use your candle is to stick to a wick length of about 3-4 mm. A wick that becomes larger than 6 mm usually burns a candle faster and produces unpleasant smoke. Remove the burnt edge before each use. Otherwise, smoldering particles of the wick will fall into the melted wax, and instead of a wonderful aroma, you will inhale smoke.

If you notice black soot accumulating on candles, then the wick is too long. Special wick trimmers can quickly fix the problem of a long wick, so pay attention to it.

Do Not Blow Out Candles

Despite the hilarious procedure for blowing out candles on a birthday cake, this does not work for Yankee candles. In no case should candles be blown out. If you do this, then the next time the smell of a smoldering wick will mix in with the aroma of a candle. And you will no longer smell the pure aroma.

What to do? For example, a candle can be covered with a lid, and it will go out in a few seconds without oxygen. If there is nothing to cover the candle with, then it is better to use a special cap or bell. The cap will also protect the surface of the wax from dust, and the candle will look like new for a long time.

Avoid Drafts

It would seem that the recommendation is quite obvious, but it is not only a danger that the wind will blow out the candle. With a draft, candles burn unevenly and smoke heavily. Not to mention the fact that candles will burn much faster. If you notice that the candle flame deviates in any direction and the candle does not burn evenly, then this is the very case. Air flows from air conditioners, radiators, open windows and ventilators are the worst friends for candles: keep it away from them.

On the other hand, the room must be ventilated to prevent the accumulation of combustion products. Your task is to find the best balance.

Observe Proper Burning Time

Of course, you have the right to say that you will enjoy the burning of the candle for as long as you want. And this is partially correct. But again, if you want it to last longer, stick to small recommendations that will not limit your freedom and power over your Yankee candle.

Do not light a candle for 15 minutes. Wait until at least a small amount of the top layer melts. This is necessary to ensure uniform burning of wax and wick. If you light it for less time, the flame will burn the tunnels in the candle.

However, you should not burn a candle for more than three hours: this way the wax overheats, and aromatic oils cease to give off their aroma. If you want to use the candle for a long time, then extinguish it every couple of hours for 5-10 minutes. This time is enough for the wax to cool a little and harden.

Covering with the Lid

So these are the main things you need to know. There are standard rules such as keeping lit candles out of the reach of children and pets and not leaving a burning candle unattended. But we are sure that you know this without us. Stay safe and cozy next to your Yankee candle!