Shower Waste Traps  – A Complete Guide

A Shower waste trap is one of the most important components of any shower. Like any other waste trap, it works by creating a water barrier to block waste smells in drain pipes, while also allowing loose debris to be gathered and removed.

Without a good shower waste trap, the shower only becomes less efficient. Water takes much longer to drain while blockages are more common, meaning a shower tray is likelier to fill with water. So, to make the most of a shower, it’s important to have a fully functioning shower waste trap.

What is a shower waste trap?

A shower waste trap is a type of waste trap used specifically for showers. Waste traps are used to block out unpleasant odours from the gas produced by water waste from showers, toilets, and sinks. Without a shower waste trap, some seriously terrible smells would appear from the drain.

Moreover, a shower waste trap is designed to suit a shower. Waste traps come in many shapes and sizes, with showers needing much narrower traps compared to a sink or toilet. For instance, a shower tray requires a very shallow shower waste trap, with bottle traps being a popular design option.

Also, a shower waste trap faces different debris compared to other drainage systems. Hair is the most common debris from a shower, and without a good waste trap, hair is free to go down the drain and cause blockages. With a shower waste trap, it’s usually easy to access for cleaning purposes.

Reasons to Use a Good Shower Waste Trap

Whether replacing an old shower waste trap or choosing one for a new shower installation, it’s always worth buying a good shower waste trap. The most obvious reason for this is because new showers are so much more powerful.

With higher quantities of water producing from newer showers, a good shower waste trap allows for efficient drainage. This means there are no water build-ups due to an overworked shower waste trap.

Furthermore, a good shower waste trap makes shower maintenance a much simpler task. Rather than having to manually unblock a shower drain, you can simply access the shower trap, many of which come with removeable sections, and clean it from there.

As a result, removing clumps of hair and grime from frequent showering is quick and easy. This results in very few blockages and a much more hygienic shower waste trap.

Choosing the right shower waste trap

Shower Type – Shower trays require a much narrower shower waste trap, but there are many tray sizes too, so make sure you consider this before buying. You want a shower waste trap that is narrow enough to be installed below the shower tray.

Connection Size – A shower waste trap connects to your shower drain and the waste drain, which often come in different sizes. Ensure the shower waste tray connections are compatible with the ones on your shower and drain pipes, with common sizes including 90mm, 80mm, and 50mm.

Functions – A basic shower waste trap ensures no bad smells come through the pipes while draining effectively, but there are additional functions that may be appealing. Removable filters and easy access through the top for cleaning is a great idea, as it’s so much easier to remove hair and other blockages. Also, fast drain features are a must for any high-powered showers

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