Upgrade Your Home With The Best Awnings

Upgrade Your Home With The Best Awnings

One of the most preferred things to make our environment more comfortable is awnings. An awning for a private house is one of the most common structures, which carries a significant functional load. However, to combine utility with ergonomics, it is necessary to carefully consider the type of structure and the location of the extension. 

Classification of awnings:

Awnings near the house usually perform the function of protection against precipitation. They are used to cover terraces, verandas, patios, or as an indoor parking space for a car. Depending on the functional load, their area may be sufficient to accommodate garden furniture or even barbecue.

The polycarbonate awning can be attached to the house and is usually of great importance. It can be used to protect the summer area of the cafe

Awning for the veranda:

It is an extension that protects the entrance to the house from the weather. It can be placed both from the facade of the house and adjacent to the rear of the building, overlooking the garden. In this case, the area of the awning can be increased, and the veranda itself can be used as a recreation area.

Awning for the terrace:

Terraces usually have a larger area than the verandas, can be located on the upper floors of the building or the terrain. Distinguish gable structures. They have the same roof as the house. Usually equipped with several support pillars. Shed designs are the most common, as they are quite cheap and easy to build.

The manufacturing technology of the awning is not much different from the process of building a roof. Regardless of the type of placement: side, front, or corner awning for the house, the design has common elements and consists of:

  • Truss system.
  • Outside Supports.
  • Foundations for columns.
  • Fasteners and anchors.

At the very beginning of awning construction, the project should provide for the height of the future structure. Its geometry (shape and area) and the angle of the roof. On the wall to which awning is anchored, the board is fastened 50×150 mm at the height of approximately 2 m. Installation is carried out directly into the board with anchor bolts. This board is the internal support to which the rafters will be attached.

To install external supports, you must have a beam of 100×100, a metal pipe of square section 50×50, or a round log with a diameter of 80-100 mm. It is allowed to erect supports from piece materials – stone, brick, concrete blocks. The height of the posts should be less based on the calculation of the angle of inclination of the roof slope 20-25 °.

From the above instructions, it is not so hard to make an awning by yourself. But it is highly recommended to entrust the work to experts since they have been trained on installing the elements.

We can say that awnings play a pivotal role in our daily lives. You may thus, opt for the best awnings in Bankstown and make your home a better place.

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