5 Things We Do To Attract Termites In Our Home

5 Things We Do To Attract Termites In Our Home

There is no doubt our home is one of our most valuable assets. When something is dear to you, you will ensure it stays safe and in fine condition. A termite infestation can devastate your property value even before you come to terms with it. 

Check out the 5 things you could do to accidentally welcome termites in your home. You can contact Barrier Pest Control if you need help. 

5 things we do to attract termites in our home

  1. Keeping wooden piles next to your home

Termites and other pests often flock toward firewood and wooden piles. Wooden materials offer favorable conditions for termites to nest and thrive. 

Wooden piles can become passages for termites to infest your home. Termites will eventually move inside your home and cause significant damage if the wood is near the building. To reduce the chances of a termite infestation, wooden piles should be at least thirty feet away from your garden and house. Also, place it six inches above the soil. Even the most respectable pest control services recommend this. 

  1. Decaying or dead trees in your surroundings.

Termites love to consume rotting leaves and wood from decaying trees. The deadwood becomes damp and soft as it decomposes, leading to the welcoming of termites. You may attract those little insects near your home, whether you have a rotting tree stump or a dead tree in your backyard or garden.

As a precaution, you should contact a professional to remove those dead trees before termites start an infestation in such spots. 

  1. Excess wood and foliage around your home

Termites often climb trees and set up new colonies looking for a new location. Those bugs can utilize the trees to climb up to your house or roof and ultimately enter your home. Leaves and branches that are in contact with the sides or top of a new building can be the ideal bridge for them to get inside, looking for comfortable conditions. To keep termites away, you should cut off the branches that are in contact with the top or sides of your house.

  1. Allowing mulch to come in touch with your house

Mulch is a helpful resource for gardening. But, it is also a buffet for termites because it is a thick blanket of dried deadwood. It can attract termites even when you use it in typical manners. Most of us let mulch directly contact the home’s foundations. 

If termites enter your mulch and come in contact with the home’s structure, they will quickly discover gaps and cracks in your walls and foundation.

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