5 Tips That Will Keep Your Lawn Mower in Top Shape

5 Tips That Will Keep Your Lawn Mower in Top Shape

As the weather gets warmer and the lawn starts growing, you need to bring your lawnmower out. However, with several uses, the mower may need some attention if you want it to serve you without any problems. Proper maintenance is necessary. Below are a few tips that will help keep your lawnmower in top shape.

Change the Oil

Your lawn mower needs clean oil for proper lubrication and smooth running. If you failed to change the oil at the end of the last season, start by changing it before the next lawn mowing season. Even if the mower does not have a drain plug, this is an easy process. All you have to do is remove the drain cap and tilt the mower to drain the oil before refilling it with the right type of oil. Just dispose of the oil properly as regulated by your municipality.

Replace the Filter

Note that the mower’s filter is meant to protect the engine from dirt and debris. A dirty filter will thus trigger severe issues with your machine, causing you to pay heavily for avoidable repairs. Always inspect the mower after every cutting session to avoid overwhelming it. It is possible to use a vacuum or compressor to remove the excess debris, depending on the type of filter your lawnmower has. The bottom line is to pay attention to the mower and make quick replacements whenever necessary.

Sharpen and Replace Blades

Everyone enjoys using an effective lawnmower. Unfortunately, due to the mower coming in contact with rocks and hard ground, the mower’s blades can become blunt and be easily destroyed over time. Such a mower cuts through the grass and destroys your lawn with continued use. It could lead to disease, something you do not want happening to your yard you spent months trying to fix. Take the blades for sharpening at the nearest hardware or get new blades if the previous ones are dull or seriously damaged.

Store the Mower Properly in a Garage or Shed

Proper storage of the lawnmower contributes to its longevity. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your lawnmower, then consider storing it somewhere elevated, away from elements like a ShelterLogic shed. Your garage or backyard/ garden shed is perfect. Be careful to avoid water since the mower requires a dry place hence the elevation advice. Besides that, you need to store it away from appliances with pilot lights such as furnaces or water heaters. Avoid leaving your mower out in the rain, as this will prevent or hinder combustion and cause the engine to wear out faster.

Give the Lawn Mower a Good Wash and Carry out Basic Inspections

Grass clippings and other debris can build up under the mowing deck. This can lead to moisture trappings and promote mold growth. Always use a hosepipe to clean under the deck, and allow the mower to dry completely before using it again. Inspect components such as the spark plugs, tire pressure, and battery. It is always best if you have everything ready for subsequent use.

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