Basic Types of Lighting Fixtures

Basic Types of Lighting Fixtures

Did you ever look around your house and notice the lighting fixtures that’re installed on your ceiling? Did you notice that each room has a different lighting fixture? Do you think there’s a reason to why they’re different? If you got a bit confused after reading those questions then you’ll want to continue giving us your full attention because we’re about to explain the different types of lighting fixtures and why they are different in each room in your home. 

Lighting fixtures have so many different types, we’ll mention some of them and the right area they’re to be placed in. We’ll note them down as points and then start to explain more to where they should be placed to fit in perfectly in your home. 

The different types of lighting fixtures:

– Pendants

– Spot lights

– Table lamps

– Floor lamps

There are so much more types of fixtures, but we’ll actually be focusing on those 4 types for now because they’re what fits nicely in any standard area in your home unless you want to go for the luxurious fixtures like chandeliers, then this isn’t the right topic for you to continue reading. We might end up writing about the luxurious types of fixtures but we’ll definitely come back to it in another topic. 

We’ll start off with the pendants because they’re one of our favorite types of fixtures. They range in so many different models, shapes, sizes and colors that you can just dive in to pick the right one for you. We won’t be specifying any designs because that depends on the person’s personal taste and the home interior itself. We’ll just point out where they can fit in nicely in your home. Of course each room in your house differs in both purpose and size, by purpose we mean the room type itself, if it was a living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen and yes we’re including hallways and stairs. So by the room itself depending on the size of course you’ll get to decide whether pendants are the right type or not. Pendants are the type of fixtures that are known to be dangling off your ceiling with a long cord, of course the cord length can be adjusted however you want but it’s still dangling. Let’s say you have a short ceiling, do you think it’ll be a good idea to have something dangling off your ceiling? Of course not. Pendants do not work with short ceilings so if you have short ceilings you’ll have to scratch out pendants off your list. 

They fit beautifully in living room areas and dining rooms over the dinning table if the ceiling was at a proper height. You can go with whatever pendant design that will give you the look you’re looking for because pendants unlike fixtures that are stuck to the ceiling, they range in so many different designs whether it’s modern or classic. 

Now that you know that pendants require some ceiling heigh to fit in beautifully, we’ll move on to spot lights. This kind of fixture is simple and doesn’t need much to think about because they’re what usually fills in your ceiling with the needed amount of light your area needs. The amount of spot light you have in your home already exists because it happens during the finishing process before you’ve even moved in your home. You could always add more spot lights if you needed but it’s just as simple as that. The designs are limited it only depends on the color of the bulb itself and the size of course. Spotlights are found in almost all areas in your home like hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. 

Moving on to both table and floor lamps, we’ll merge them together because they both deliver the same purpose which is being something extra that gives a nice touch to any room. Table lamps by their name are a type that’s placed on tables, usually side tables to give some extra light to the room. Table lamps are usually placed in both living rooms and bedrooms and that’s about it because that’s the most common place for them to be placed. Have you ever seen someone placing a table lamp in their kitchen? I think not. 

Floor lamps are simple, you like what you see? It fits with the interior of your area? Then you go for it, simple as that. They offer one thing that I think is the most important, they offer that nice comfy atmosphere when you don’t want to turn on any harsh lights. They could be placed in living rooms and bedrooms and they’re usually placed in corners. 

That’s basically what you need to know about the different types of fixtures, there’s no math to it. You like what you see? Does it fit nicely? If yes, then you’re good to go.

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