Bed of Roses: How to Spruce Up your Bedroom for a Romantic Evening

Bed of Roses: How to Spruce Up your Bedroom for a Romantic Evening

A lot of couples who go on a first date usually skip out the details on what happened after dinner. Most of them, especially for those who see the “spark” on the first time, usually end up in a romantic twist in someone else’s bedroom apartment.

For the guys, it’s an absolute crime to let your date see the dirt and smell that strong musky odor in your room. For ladies, that Taylor Swift poster and hangers lying around everywhere in their room is a scene out from a horror movie. First Impressions do last, and the first thing you want your date to know about is how clean and organized you are when at home.

A well-kept room means that you’re someone with good taste, class, and an excellent upbringing. Your dates are aware of these facts, and they’ll gladly show you off to the world. Here are some tips to fix that bedroom that’ll surely impress that man or lady you’ll call honey shortly. bedroom that’ll surely impress that man or lady you’ll call honey in the near future.

For the Guys: Hide that Stash!

Nothing turns off your date when they sit down on your bed and accidently kick your box of adult magazines. You might think that it’s outdated for a lot of men to keep these adult magazines but trust us, it happens. Keep it hidden or arrange it in a conspicuous, discreet way so she won’t notice. You want your date to feel loved and not be a one-night thing.

Another awful habit that most men have is that they sweep trash under a bed or rug. Not only is it a gross thing for your date to see, it’s also a dangerous one. Long have hidden lego pieces and other hazardous stuff end up being stepped on and cause pain because they’re underneath rugs and carpets.

For the Ladies: Don’t be an Overgrown Princess

Although it’s always nice to sleep while cuddling your 10 foot tall teddy bear, it’s best that you hide some of your cutesy stuff for another day. Don’t get us wrong, a little sweet touch in a lady’s room isn’t going to hurt, avoid filling every corner with teddy bears and Taylor Swift posters.

Make your man think he’s won the lottery with you by being prim and modest. He’ll immediately notice how you’re a lady who has taste, especially if he’ll see that your bed isn’t messy and has the right colors to go along. Another thing that most ladies should have is an adequately covered waste bin.

Remember that time of the month when you’re grumpy, irritable, and well, continually changing pads? Now it should be a point that you take the trash out every day. If for some reason you do forget to throw out the garbage, make sure that your bin is covered correctly to avoid any unnecessary and awkward reactions.

For Men and Women: Romantic Setups

Not all houses have expensive, high-end, artificial fireplaces or dimmer switches. Make the most out of what you have by switching the lights on or off, depending on the moment, so that you’ll be able to create a warm and cozy feeling. If you have scented candles in your room, light a few of them so you can add points to that romantic encounter.

Set up a cool environment by turning the Air Conditioning to an appropriate setting. Use a thick or a smoothly padded comforter on your bed so you’ll both be warm when you snuggle together.

Use fluffy pillows and fix your bed all the time so you won’t have to come home to a mess. It’s also important that you have a slow, low volume tune inside your room to spice up the moment.


First dates usually end up in romance and love. However, once you get your date inside your humble abode, don’t let them see that dirt or grime in your bedroom. Hide or clean anything that you think that will endanger your chances of being with them.

Fix your bedroom, make the most out of every small detail and watch the magic work on your soon-to-be partner. For more bedroom tips, a lot of sites online such as Deal Wiki have a lot of products and tips for you to get more ideas.

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