Find the best Choices for the perfect Villas in Malta

Find the best Choices for the perfect Villas in Malta

Investing in a second home is a widespread practice in Malta and Gozo. This type of accommodation can be chosen to spend your holidays or for family events for example. It is also possible to imagine his future retirement in the sun. This therefore represents a very interesting well because affordable. Note that it is also possible to transform a secondary villa into short or medium-term rental accommodation when it is not occupied. Now that you need to know about villas for sale in Malta  we are here to provide you all of it.

Luxury properties

For the most demanding, a range of prestigious properties is available in Malta. These properties can clearly compete with the posh Caribbean islands because the archipelago has been able to adapt to a new clientele in search of luxury and comfort. Exceptional places, private swimming pools, sumptuous decorations, exceptional views of the sea, all this can be found in the paradisiacal places of Malta. On the island of Gozo, many luxury villas have been refurbished and adapted to current comfort. These villas can suit you if you are looking for calm and space.

The apartments

Malta and Mellieha offer a wide choice of apartments for all tastes and budgets. From studios to apartments with one or more bedrooms with or without sea view, close to shops, places of entertainment or on the contrary in a quiet suburban area, you will inevitably find accommodation that meets your expectations. In addition, numerous accommodations are available in prestigious or luxury complexes offering, for example, security, concierge, guarded parking, individual swimming pools, etc. You can easily opt for the villas for sale in Mellieha now.

In Malta there are apartments designed with modern architecture, these include a “living room” and a “cool” night area which is very useful for summer nights.

However, it is very important to take all the information into account in order to guarantee a sustainable and unsurprising investment. Indeed since the real estate boom of the 80s and 2000s, some constructions can present today quality defects (insufficient insulation, problems of noise and accessibility).

Investments in Malta

Rental investments

For the last decade during which the rental market has exploded, demand has always exceeded supply across the island. The North and the South of it know a great arrival of nationals, which requires an increase in the goods available for long term rental.

Rental is becoming more and more widespread. People demand freedom of mobility in the course of their work. While some expatriates arriving in Malta, to work in online service companies, the film industry or other lucrative professions on short-term contracts (1 to 3 years), are looking for accommodation for this period in the best places in Malta.

In general, people planning to invest in Malta, rent property before a final move. Most of these goods are furnished.

But rental is not only for foreigners, in fact it has become common practice among Maltese.It is therefore interesting to invest in rental buildings. In addition, the government is encouraging landlords to put their property available on the market, by reducing the tax rate to 15% on rental income.

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