Moving Day Magic: How to Tackle the Big Day with Confidence

Moving Day Magic: How to Tackle the Big Day with Confidence

Planning a local or long-distance move can be anxious. You may lack information on how to plan right and how to handle different types of valuables in your home or office. However, with the right ideas, you can plan a successful move and enjoy every bit of the process. How can I do this right? Here are practical ideas to help you tackle the day with confidence:

  1. Plan with the weather

 Moving in winter can be hectic. The weather may be snowy, and roads will mostly be impassable. So, think of the weather conditions in your new place, and follow up news forecast days before your move. Schedule your move when the weather is friendly; this makes it easier for the Molloy Moving team to load and move your stuff.

  1. Move with experts

You may want to do a DIY move to save on moving costs, but engaging professional movers is the best decision that you can make. Research about different mover companies and the services offered. Look for a team with expertise ferrying your type of items, and have them help out. You save time and minimize the risk of breakages with professional movers.

  1. Have your moving folder&Important documents at hand

Keep all documents secure and have them at hand. Ensure they are accessible whenever you need them. These may include moving contracts, utility bill receipts, identification documents, medical reports, etc. You may need them while on the way, and retrieving them from the truck can be time-consuming. 

If undertaking a long-distance move, government officials may want to ensure you have the proper identification and immunization documents required, and having all the documents at hand will save time.

  1. Carry enough cash

Moving involves various expenses, and you will spend a lot before the moving day. But. You also need some cash on the big day. You may be required to pay for something or incur unexpected costs, and the cash will come in handy. In some cases, you may be unable to pay with your Visa card, and carrying cash with you is advisable.

  1. Equip yourself with adequate essentials 

Carry all the essentials with you. These will depend on your needs and whom you are moving with. For instance, when relocating with kids, carry enough clothes for changes along the way. You will also need them upon arrival before you unpack. Other essentials include phone/ laptop chargers, jewelry, makeup, and toiletries. If you are a pet lover, pack enough food and snacks. Some toys will also keep the kids and pets occupied as you move.

  1. Plan for storage

You may not have time to unpack upon arrival and should plan for storage until you are ready to offload. Most people hire portable moving containers and have them delivered when ready. Others pay for warehouse services, which allows time to prepare the new home. Think of what suits your needs, and plan for this early.


Plan your move early in advance to avoid disappointments on the moving day. By hiring professional movers, you ease the anxiety and stress of handling everything by yourself and relocate seamlessly. Also, don’t overlook the tiny details; have a checklist and ensure everything is executed as planned.

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