New tendencies in garage Doors

In recent years we’ve done a lot of remodeling to our home. We’ve updated and restructured many times. And we’re always looking for remodeling trends. As part of that trend, homeowners are paying more attention to a different space: the garage. Trends include bigger and better-looking doors, quiet openers, and connectivity. 

Better designs  


The garage represents an important part of our home. Designer doors are becoming more popular every day, and today there are more options than ever before.


Today there are more designs with wood siding, recessed panels, and garage style. Decorative pieces are also trending.

Larger doors   


For coastal and expensive homes on narrow lots that allow only one garage door. So it’s trendy to install a lift mechanism like those used in urban parking garages.  In more typical markets, homes may not have taller garages, but taller doors are installed.

Another trend is the possibility of monitoring and operating the garage door from outside the home. That’s why manufacturers have developed apps that allow them to do so from their smartphones. These apps also include notifications that alert homeowners of any activity on the garage door.   An innovative solution that offers greater security to homeowners.

The color 


As we mentioned to you earlier, multiple designs can be used. Garage doors don’t have to be boring anymore.  You can play with a range of colors and get out of the usual white or Ivory. Homeowners have also decided to install a lighting system that makes their garage doors more secure and eye-catching.


Stately doors. They are usually metal carpentry doors that have been treated as if they were wood on the outside. It offers an elegant air to the house and is especially recommended when the construction covers this same material.


Transparent doors. They are usually placed in uncovered patios in front of or next to the house. They are made with metal sheets to help the house be seen by onlookers when the car or cars of the house are not parked in this area.


Automatic gates for the entrance to interior garden areas. These are large gates, which open by themselves by pressing a remote control and blend in with the natural elements of the environment so as not to stand out from the rest.


Folding doors. Suppose your home has a modern and functional style, nothing better than a folding garage door. This way, it will take up little space when folded up and offer a more transgressive aspect.


In this case, the door is usually made of PVC sheets. This solution is recommended for those garages located in the property’s interior, as they are not very reliable against attacks by unwanted friends.


When you decide to install or renovate your garage doors, call the experts at Miami custom garage doors. This company is sure to provide you with the advice you need. Besides, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the job is the best it can be. Don’t wait any longer; give your garage door a fresh and modern look!

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