Starting a New Business at Home This Year

Starting a New Business at Home This Year

Creating your own company, transforming an idea into a business, and putting it out into the world is an exciting prospect. It can also be a daunting one. There are many risks and costs. One of the biggest restrictions for new businesses is the initial finances and overheads, stopping many from ever getting off of the ground. However, despite odds, businesses continue to appear, grow, and find their own success.

Many will be aware of the scenario put forward in Hollywood stories about businesses being founded in garages. While this is quite a commonly used stereotype, there is a reality to the romance. Young businesses must keep costs low, making compromises where they can to make ends meet. For most of us, this means starting within the home.

The garage is a perfect space for some, however not everyone has one, or it is used for its primary purpose of storing vehicles. Others will have spare rooms or basements, while some will have sheds or log cabins. No matter what space you have, it is potential support for your budding company. While savings on renting external office space are obvious, there are also many other businesses that can thrive from a personal residence. Here are some examples of how home spaces are being creatively used that might inspire your next project.

Recording Studio

A surprisingly small amount of space is required for a recording studio. Some have even gone mobile, being built into the back of vans and taken to festivals. Now, both in the home and in garden constructs, sound-proofed rooms are being made and filled with instruments and recording equipment, allowing producers to host and record musicians at home.

Therapy Office

Those familiar with therapy will understand the sensitivity and consideration required when meeting with clients. Creating a safe space within the home can be a perfect and intimate way to welcome them, giving you a dedicated professional space to establish your own therapy business. Other types of therapy, such as speech therapy, can be managed within the home easily, removing the need to commute or pay for studio space elsewhere.

Yoga Studio

Yoga, as well as many wellness and fitness activities, are becoming increasingly popular around the UK. Studios and classes are appearing regularly and people are training to establish their own. Building your own yoga studio in your garden or creating a space inside your home is an excellent way to begin your journey, avoiding the high costs associated with hiring a suitable space elsewhere. employee monitoring program

Not only are intimate classes able to be conducted in an area you have personally designed for your class, but you can also use the studio space to record or create online demonstrations and classes, allowing you to support your business by growing its digital audience.


Starting as a barber or hairdresser means renting a chair. Often this can be a daunting task since it requires the quick acquisition of a regular client base. However, some are circumventing this entirely and starting their own beauty studio at home. While travelling and independent hairdressers are not unusual, having your own space allows for a better brand establishment and social media profile.

So, if you have an idea for a business, but feel it may be a challenge to get it off the ground, consider starting small and at home. You might not have a garage, but you might not need one either!

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