Top 6 Signs of Storm Damage and How to Fix Them

Top 6 Signs of Storm Damage and How to Fix Them

After hurricanes, huge storms, and strong winds, we know that a lot of damage can happen. You could be the lucky ones, and a storm may leave everything intact. However, if you are unlucky and something catastrophic happens, you will need to know what to do and who to call for help. You will experience different types of damages, and here are the six signs that your property has suffered storm damage. We have also given ways to fix these problems. Check them out below.

  1. Missing Shingles

It is common for shingles to go missing after the storm. Therefore, if you notice that some of the shingles on the roof are missing, you will need to call professional roofers to protect the interior of your house. This is an emergency, and delays could cause serious problems. So, if you will need shingle replacement and you’re located in Oakville, ON, you can visit this website to get the best roofing professionals. The company has experts in roof repair, including shingles replacement.

  1. A Leaky Roof

If you start noticing water spots on the ceiling or strains of dirty water on the wall, it is a sign that your roof is leaking. Therefore, you will need to hire professionals in roofing repair Oakville to help you check if the room is the origin of the water spots. The experts will inspect the roof for leaks and fix the issue immediately. Some things like missing shingles and debris buildup may be the reason why water seeped into the interiors.

  1. Damage on Doors and Windows

If you did not close your door and windows during the storm, they might have twisted, especially if the storm came with strong winds. You can notice broken glasses, cracks, and broken panes. You can notice door or window damage when water finds its way through these places. Check around the doors and windows for any damages you may have incurred.  

  1. A Leak On the Plumbing System

If you notice a change in your water system or a leak on the plumbing line, it means you might have suffered storm damage. You will need to shut down the water from the source before fixing the issue. Next, try cleaning up the water or call the experts if the damage is extensive.

  1. Dents on Gutters and Vents

You can easily notice dents on vents and gutters. Just take a ladder after the storm and inspect these places. Flying tree limbs or other debris may have caused the dents. So, after noticing these problems, it is recommended to call professionals to inspect the damages and the potential issues you could be facing.

  1. A Tree Falling on the Powel Line

After a huge storm, tree limbs fall, and some of them fall across the power line. If the damage is severe, you may suffer electricity loss. So, be ready with a substitute to keep your home warm. You need to know how you will keep the plumbing pipes safe from freezing to avoid severe damages.


These are common damages you are likely to experience after a storm. It is crucial to understand if your insurance covers storm damage. If you don’t know where to start, your agent will help you navigate or talk to you metal supplier today for options such as steel and copper pipes to help.

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