Where & How to Feature Your Hans Wegner Wing Chair

Where & How to Feature Your Hans Wegner Wing Chair

The basic design and styling of the Hans Wegner Wing Chair promotes accentuating. It has a very unique and sculptural form that obviously invites you to take a seat – but its aesthetics are distinct in a way that totally contrasts conventional interior design themes. So, if you’re wondering where and how to use this chair as an accent piece, here are a few suggestions to help you out. Let’s take a quick look:

  1. Bedroom nooks and alcoves


Every bedroom needs a cozy sitting area where you can easily and comfortably kick back and relax in your down time. The Hans Wegner Wing Chair would be the perfect piece of furniture for this nook. It has a beautiful visual presence and a unique form that can act as an eclectic focal point if the rest of your furniture is conventional. The best part is that this chair has a unique versatility, which makes it perfectly viable for any kind of a bedroom interior design theme!

  1. Sunroom


Not many homes have a separate sun room or solarium, which is completely fine. The Hans Wegner Wing Chair is a versatile furniture pieces, which could be featured in alternative spaces. For example, if you’ve got an oversized window or even a sunny nook inside your homes, this chair could make a great place to soak up some vitamin C there. You can match it with a good foot stool and a stylish table to make a holistic picture.

  1. Study areas


Many study rooms and home offices are furnished with a stylish but comfortable accent chair so that you can kick back when the strain of the work finally starts kicking in. The Hans Wegner Wing Chair would make a great shoe-in for such rooms. It’s got a relaxing design that invites you to cozy up, and would complement the style of your study room at the same time!

  1. Freestanding placement


The Hans Wegner Wing Chair has a very flexible design, which means that you can easily feature it even as a freestanding furniture piece. There’s no need to pair it with any other furniture – ust using it as a solitary piece in an empty space can have just as much impact!

  1. Living room accent chair


The Hans Wegner Wing Chair would make a great accentuation choice for your living rooms. It can be used as both a freestanding piece or even in pairs. If you choose to go for the latter, then you can set of two of these in front of your main sofa – directly opposite to the coffee table. The main thing to remember here is to select an upholstery color that contrasts with the sofa, which would make the wing chairs stand out within the rest of the ambiance. The layout formation featured in this image is a great representation of this technique.

So, these are some really cool ways that you can use the Hans Wegner Wing Chair in your home interiors. Its unconventional form and cozy vibe would help make it a great addition in any space!

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