9 Tips When Choosing Locks For Your Business

9 Tips When Choosing Locks For Your Business

Businesses that lack the proper security measures tend to be victims of vandalism, theft, and break-ins. As a business owner, it is a priority to ensure not just the safety of your assets, but also the safety of every staff member. Choosing the right lock system is a must to protect your business from danger.

Working with a local locksmith in Westminster can ensure you get the best security system installed, but choosing the right locks makes the most difference. Here are some tips to consider when choosing commercial locks for your business:

1: Budget

The first thing to consider is always the budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend for additional security so you can choose the best one that fits your budget while also addressing your needs.

2: Level Of Security

Not all locks offer the same level of security. Padlocks are easy to install and replace but are considered a temporary solution because they are also easy to break. Deadbolts, on the other hand, provide excellent physical security, especially the double cylinder option that requires a key to lock and unlock.

3: The Look

Locks will also affect how the storefront will look. Choosing the wrong one can make beautiful shops look unappealing and cheap. However, putting large and unsightly locks at the back of the shop may not have as much of a negative impact on the look.

4: Longevity

How long are you planning to use the locks will also affect the right type for your needs. Replacing deadbolts will require replacement of the entire system which can be expensive in the long run. Interchangeable core locks, on the other hand, are more expensive but can be re-keyed by the locksmith in Westminster easily.

5: Employee Access

If your business sees a high turnover rate for employees and each one needs a key to access the shop, it is best to choose locks that can easily be changed. Simply getting the keys back from the employees upon termination is not enough to ensure security, changing the locks must be done regularly to avoid theft or break ins.

6: Levels Of Access

Determine who needs access to the rooms in the property when choosing a lock system. There are options that limit internal access for employees of different levels to keep security tight, even when inside the shop.

7: Previous Break-In History

Shops that see frequent vandalism, theft, and break-ins despite having padlocks or deadbolts should consider investing in a better lock system. Anytime there has been a break-in, the locks should be changed to deter the culprits from coming back again and again.

8: Shop Location

Stores that are located in high-risk areas must also consider investing in a better, more durable, and dependable lock system. Although the initial investment might seem expensive, high-quality and strong locks will protect your assets in the future.

9: Going Keyless

A business that wants to ensure complete protection from unwanted intruders can always look into keyless locks. This is the best way to keep track of everyone who opens any doors and once an employee is terminated, their keycard can be deactivated in just minutes to prevent access in the future without changing the locks.

A locksmith in Westminster can help you make informed decisions when choosing commercial locks for your business. Contact us and let help you install the best locks today!

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