Where Should You Place Your Porta Potties? Here Are 9 Useful Tips

Where Should You Place Your Porta Potties? Here Are 9 Useful Tips

When it comes to portapotty rental, the right type of portapotty is an important aspect to consider. Nevertheless, you also need to consider its location. Moreover, you’ll be surprised to know a lot of people even misjudged the importance of the placement at your location.

If you’re at a loss as to where you should place your porta potties, then look no further. In this guide, we’ll give you a rundown of the basic tips regarding proper porta potty placement.

Think about its accessibility

Aportapotty rental can only fulfill its purpose if it is accessible. Oftentimes, these porta potties are rented for an outdoor event. With this in mind, make sure that people can easily reach the restroom. Ensure that your guests don’t have to walk that far just to reach the porta potty stations.

Keep it dry

Another thing to consider when you have a portapotty rental is the dryness of its placement at your location. Whether it is needed for an outdoor event or at a construction site, you have to make sure that it is placed in a dry area.

Place it on a level ground

Stemming from the previous point, a dry area is just half the journey. You still need to ensure that the location of your porta potties is on a leveled ground.

Place porta potties near food and beverage stations

It is often good advice to place more porta potty stations near areas where they sell food and beverages – but not too close. There is a positive relationship between the consumption of food and drinks and the demand for restrooms.

Make sure to follow the rules of your permit

It is also crucial that you become more familiar with the rules of your permit, especially if you are placing a porta potty in a public place. Oftentimes, the permit for these can be retrieved from your city government. Be sure that you understand and are compliant with everything!

Opt for well-lit areas

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you are going to place a porta potty rental at a public place, make sure that people can see where they are entering, where they are stepping, and so on. This will also avoid any slipping or further accidents.

Consider the number of your guests

The number of your porta potties should have been decided with consideration to the number of your expected guests. You wouldn’t want to see a long line of people waiting to use the portable restrooms, now would you?

Make comfort a priority

Stemming from the previous point, the number of expected guests is important to consider because it goes to show that you make their comfort a priority.

Always account for the weather

The weather is most likely one of the most neglected aspects when renting a porta potty. Heavy rain and snow tamper with accessibility. In addition, high winds can also be considered a threat.

If you’re overseeing a big event, make sure that there are porta potties around the different sections of the event grounds. With these nine tips in mind, you can rest assured that you will meet your guests’ and the city government’s expectations concerning portapotty rental.

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