4 Pointers When Choosing Which Pots To Use For Your Plants

4 Pointers When Choosing Which Pots To Use For Your Plants

One of the most important and versatile items used in gardening are plant pots. They are excellent at protecting a plant from weeds and other dominating plants, and even from larger land-dwelling pests. What’s more, they are especially great for beginners and garden-enthusiasts that don’t have enough area to work on yet.

However, although it might seem as if using pots is a foolproof gardening technique, there’s a lot that needs to be considered before you purchase even one. And since there are a wide variety of options available, it can easily be confusing when it comes to choosing types, sizes, and even material. So unless you’re purchasing from https://amico.com.au/our-services/garden-maintenance/, it’s essential to learn about plant pots first before you decide to buy, especially if you’re planning to buy in bulk.

With that, here are a few tips worth considering to ensure that you buy the right pots for your plants.

  1. Drainage Holes

Finding pots with the proper and ideal drainage hole is a must to ensure a healthy plant. It’s alright to choose any shape of plant pot as long you know that it has sufficient drainage holes. Plants need enough room to grow, and the same goes for their roots. It needs ample oxygen for it to grow the best way it can.

In choosing the drainage, the holes should let enough water out so the air can move around the roots. Too little holes or clogged drainage will keep the water for longer, which will result in the roots rotting and, eventually, dying.

  1. Porosity

Porosity is an important quality to look for when finding plant pots. Terracotta, paper pulp, timer, and other porous materials are porous enough to allow air and moisture to move in and out freely. It also lets air circulate the roots and pave the way for better evaporation. Pots with the right porosity also have better cooling capacity on the sides, which helps draw excess water to prevent roots from rotting. However, there is a drawback of using porous plant pots. These materials tend to dry out faster which in turn, requires more and frequent watering.

  1. Weight

Another crucial factor to consider is weight. The soil itself is already heavy, and it gets even heavier when it’s wet. So imagine when your soil is still wet, and you’ve chosen a heavy pot too – that would be difficult to move.

Lots of trustworthy gardeners Coogee, like Amico, always suggests that the total weight of the pot, plant, soil, and water of each container is something you should always consider. It becomes even more important when your garden is located on a deck or a balcony. In that case, you might need to consult an engineer.

  1. Aesthetics

Although not necessary, it’s appealing to choose flowerpots that match the rest of your garden and your home in general. You can find a lot of plant pots in various colors, textures, and sizes, and you can choose any that attracts you but don’t forget to consider the rest of the other factors above.

Final Word

Pots are essential to gardening, and you can have fun with it as it serves its purpose. For more information and assistance, visit your trusted gardening services.

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