The Endless Benefits Of Solar Street Light

The Endless Benefits Of Solar Street Light

Solar power has become a dependable source for street lights. There are many benefits of solar street lights. It reduces the dependence on conventional energy and national grid and also helps in conserving the energy. The countries that have an abundance of sunlight can take advantage of commercial street lights on the street, in parks, and all the public places. Nowadays, PV panels power solar street lights. They come with in-built, smart sensors, and LED lights all these in one compact unit. They are also cost effective and environmentally friendly way of lighting up the streets. Also, they last long and look good.

  • Key Features:

There are many key features of commercial solar street lights. These street lights have an embedded solar panel and inbuilt lithium-ion batteries. They also have a battery management system, automatic controls and night and motion sensors. The fully automatic device comes with a Lithium-ion battery that is inbuilt and replaceable, passive infrared sensors, and LEDs. These lights are also water resistant and weatherproof. It attracts fewer insects and has a longer lifespan.

Through the embedded solar panel, solar power is converted into electrical energy. The electrical energy is stored in the inbuilt battery which is used at dusk till the dawn. Its battery management system plays a crucial role in facilitating the lights. During the first 5 hours, solar lights work at average lumens brightness and as the dawn approaches, the intensity of light decreases. If there is someone in a certain radius of the light, it turns to the full brightness automatically.

  • Benefits:

The lights are off-grid and hence they incur a minimal cost of operations. They are wireless and independent of utility companies and they are zero maintenance. Also, since they are wireless, they are not prone to accidents like strangulation, overheating, and electrocution. And no power cut or grid failure can cause them to let the streets go dark. They are a delight for environment lovers as it significantly reduces the carbon footprints of businesses, homes, and individuals. These are the perfect solution for green lighting and they are better investments than conventional street lights.

But everything comes with certain disadvantages. It needs a high initial investment as compared to the conventional lightings. That makes it hard for people to switch to solar street lights. People don’t often realise the long term benefits of solar lights and the fact that they last longer. They are zero maintenance but their batteries need to be changed a few times in its lifetime. But these disadvantages are overshadowed by the lengths of advantages they offer. Before deciding whether to invest in commercial solar street lights or not, consider its benefits and disadvantages. But people are switching to solar lights, given their advantages over the commercial lighting system. Also, since it is grid-free and hence are not affected by the power cuts or blackouts. Also, they can light up the streets and other public places where cabled lights can’t reach.

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