Patrick Shin – The Man Behind Hawaii’s Leading Construction Company

Patrick Shin – The Man Behind Hawaii’s Leading Construction Company

If you check out the top construction companies in Hawaii, it is a given that you will come across the name of Nan Inc. It is one of the most prominent and leading construction firms that can be found on the island and has played a vital role in its success and expansion. However, the reason that Nan Inc. was able to reach the top and do it quickly is because of the man behind it. Patrick Shin is owner of Nan Inc. and he singlehandedly formed the company and helped it become the construction behemoth it is today.

His is a well-known name in Hawaii and he is referred to as an experienced general contractor, as well as a philanthropist. He launched Nan Inc. back in 1990 and in just a matter of three decades, it has gone from being a small construction company to a major presence in the industry. During this time, it has taken on a number of government contracts and has even also handled multimillion dollar projects with ease and efficiency. Patrick Shin named the company after himself, as he had originally been named Nan Chul Shin and was born in South Korea.

It had been his dream to move to the United States and when he achieved this goal, he decided to change his name in order to fit into the new culture. His initial years in the US were not easy, as he had to live in a one-bedroom apartment with his siblings and the financial situation was tight. Nonetheless, luck favored Patrick Shin, as he won a football scholarship that enabled him to major in business administration from Bowling Green State University. After his graduation, he decided to move to Hawaii and took up employment with a construction company for two years.

This gave him the idea to launch Nan Inc. and that’s exactly what he did after he left his job. At that point, he only had one employee, but today, his company’s workforce comprises of more than 500 people. This highlights the dedication and hard work of Patrick Shin, who did not get discouraged by the challenges he had to face initially. Instead, he persevered and earned the trust of local companies to gradually become a recognized name in Hawaii’s construction industry. Today, both Patrick Shin and Nan Inc. are known quite well and have a positive reputation in the market.

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