Different types of heavy transportation vehicles

Different types of heavy transportation vehicles

In the transportation sector, we have different types of vehicles which are used to transport heavyweights. The type of vehicle for transport depends on the need to be relocated from one area to another. This can be either within the construction area, from one warehouse to another, or from manufacture to the customer. When you are shipping your products ensure you have the proper heavy vehicle for transportation. At adrighem.com you can rent and buy new or used heavy vehicles for your transportation.

Dumper trucks

Dumper trucks or tipper trucks are heavy vehicles mostly used in large mining sites, quarries, and constructions of major building projects for the transportation of material, especially heavy material. These trucks are equipped with hydraulic rams, open box beds, and hinged at the rear end for them to be able to tip upwards and unload material easily and efficiently. The load of the dumper truck is carried at the rear rather than at the front.

Trailer truck

Trailer trucks are the most known for transportation especially large quantities of materials. They come in a different variety of designs depending on the need or purpose. Trailer trucks are semi-tractors that have a trailer attached to them. Most of the truck has two or three axles while others which are heavier have four or five axles. They are most used in the US and Europe. They can be used to transport furniture and supplies and move huge shipments of raw material to the industry.

Crane trucks / mobile cranes

These types of trucks are fitted with a cable controlled by a crane to move heavy materials within the construction site or from one point to another. They are designed in such a way that they can move easily and do not need any setup. They are fitted with a hook suspended by a wire rope. The transmission of crane trucks can be electric, hydraulic, or internal combustion.

Tanker trucks

Tanker trucks are often used for heavy transportation of liquid or liquified material. They can be in the form of oil, gas, water, liquid chemicals, pesticides, dry goods such as grain or flour. They are designed in a special way for single or multiple loads since they carry dangerous cargo. Tanker trucks are of different sizes and designs depending on the load they will be transporting. Due to their high center of gravity, the tankers are difficult to drive as you compare with other heavy vehicles.

Flatbed trailer

A flatbed trailer is a truck that is used to carry other vehicles or large bulk items which do not need proper or delicate handling. It is not used to carry goods that can be easily damaged by rain since it is not insulated. The loads are tied with rope and other trucks are equipped with hooks for tightening the loads for easy transportation.

Every type of material or cargo that needs to be transported, has a type of vehicle that makes its transportation easy up to the destination. Choosing the right vehicle for your transport will be of much benefit.

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